Sizing Chart McTog Jumpers

Size Chart for McTog Waterproof microfleece & Polar fleece combo jumpers




About the different styles and fabrics:

Water Resistant with Waterproof fabric underneath:
Polar Fleece / Waterproof fabric underneath McTogs - top section is polar fleece, which is warm, cosy and water resistant only. The chest / tummy section panel is waterproof fabric to help keep your dog dry underneath. There is more stretch in this product.

Waterproof fabric:
Waterproof Pour Off® Single layer McTogs - These are our patterned fabrics - they have the appearance of a soft shell. The outer is a sleek patterned waterproof, breathable fabric, the inside is microfleece, which lies against your dog.  Due to the waterproof quality this style has 2 way stretch - so less than Polar Fleece.

3) Double layer Waterproof Pour Off® McTogs - Most of the solid colours are made from this - it is two layers of microfleece with a waterproof membrane in between the two layers. The fabric stretch is limited on this product due to the waterproof, breathable protection quality. 


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